Bafoussam: Missing lady found dead in a Well

A 24-year-old lady, Diane who went missing in Bafoussam 1 recently was found dead in a Well, CNA learned. Her decomposing corpse was removed by rescue soldiers alerted on Wednesday, May 24, 2023.

It was the pungent smell that led to the discovery.

“I saw a woman and her son looking in the Well as if they lost something. When I asked, they said a pungent smell was emanating from it. That is how we went knocking at the owner’s door at about 10:00 pm Tuesday to inform her there was a corpse on her Well,” a local said.

“We have been searching for her to no avail. I was at home on Tuesday, May 23 with a disturbing feeling, when news reached me that my sister’s corpse has been found in a Well near GBHS “Ndiadam”. Explained Diane’s elder sister.

It is not clear if it was an accident, a suicide or a murder case.

A local reported Diane had a squabble with her husband over infidelity which ended up at a Gendarmerie brigade as the deceased was now living with another man.

“I told Diane’s mother to intervene and tell her daughter to return to her husband’s house but she refused. Now see where that has landed her. I am shocked. I never expected the flight over Diane will result in this. If someone is to be blamed for her death, it is the mother.” Explained the local.

An investigation has been opened to know exactly what killed Diane.

Source: Cameroon News Agency