Bakundu clan to get first class chiefdom- Meme SDO

The Senior Divisional Officer (SDO) for Meme, Chamberlain Ntou’ ou Ndong, said the people of Bakundu deserve a first class chiefdom and that will be done soon.

The SDO stated, he will work in collaboration with a united Bakundu people to ensure the realization of a First Class Chiefdom to the Bantu group.

He made the assurance on Sunday, March 17 2024 in Bombe Bakundu, during the 42nd Congress of the Bakundu Cultural and Development Union (BACDU).

Reacting to the Welcome address of BACDU President, Chief Justice Benjamin Mutanga Itoe, Nganga Mataka Wa Bakundu, Chamberlain Ntou’ou Ndong urged the Bakundu People to ensure and use even mystical powers to overpower Separatist fighters. He however pleaded with the people to cajole and persuade the fighters to respond to the calls of the head of State to lay down their weapons.

The Bakundu People on their part used the event to solicit for the creation of a Bombe Subdivision.

The Bakundu people, despite being one of the oldest and most populated ethnicity in M
eme Division, counting 37 Chiefdoms, can only bost of One second Class Chiefdom being Kake 1 Bongwana.

The BACDU Congress in Bombe was the first to be held since the outbreak of the Anglophone Crisis. The cultural event was held under the theme; ‘Revival, Unity and Development’. It was aimed at uniting the different factions of the tribe, as the Issue of the Paramount ruler has been a dividing factor to the people.

In one of the resolutions arrived at the end of the event, the people pledge to work in Uniting for a stronger Bakundu.

Source: Cameroon News Agency