Bikutsi singer, Ponce sends cryptic message to Cameroonians

Cameroonian songwriter, singer, and Knight of the Order of Valor, Adèle Ruffine Ngono, known by her stage name Lady Ponce, sent a cryptic message to Cameroonians, after complaining about eh falling standards and living conditions in Cameroon. The Queen of Bikutsi music lamented for the poor, saying that she understands they are going through a lot. Her frustration emanated from the intermittent power cuts across the country. Electricity supply has been epileptic in the nation's political capital. Ponce said since she return to Cameroon, she has been using her Generator to have electricity but she feels for those without an option. The Bikutsi music singer further urged Cameroonians to take their destinies into their own hands and demand for better future. 'Cameroonian people it is up to you to change things our long posts on social networks cannot change anything as long as you do not show you are fed up,' she said in a social media post. One reader commented, 'Bimami, take the lead and we'll follow. English Cameroon teachers and lawyers started and today see where the English part of the country is facing and where they are. Show us the road and believe me you'll be surprised by the massive support you'll get.'

Source: Cameroon News Agency