Cameroonians frustrated after hike in fuel prices

The increase in the prices of petroleum products was just a matter of time, because President Paul Boya announced in December 2023, that the government would reduce fuel subsidies Paul Biya threatens Separatists, Boko haram to drop weapons - Cameroon News Agency In 2022 the government subsidised petroleum products for FCAF 1000 billion; this amount was reduced to FCAF 640 billion in 2023 and this year, the government is looking forward to cutting half of this money. The plan is to gradually but completely remove the fuel subsidy in Cameroon. On February 2, 2024, stakeholders in the ministries of Labour and Social Security; Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Commerce and Trade, and Trade unionists among others, met in Yaounde to receive the new prices fixed by the government. New fuel prices in Cameroon Super ( Gasoline) 840 FCFA from 730 ( up by 110 FCFA) Gas oil( Diesel): FCAFA 828 from 720 per liter ( up by 106 FCFA) The Ministers said prices of Cooking Gas and Kerosene remain unchanged. Officially, the price of cooking gas is FCFA 6000 but several Cameroonians have maintained that traders have chosen to increase the prices, up to 7000 and even 8000 in some places. Cameroonians react to hike in fuel prices The increase in fuel prices has not left anyone indifferent- Cameroonians believe that with this increase, life will become harder for those struggling to survive, 'Cosmetic solution which will only make things tougher for citizens and bring no change to the general economy except for figures that will be read to the public that there was a change. The people need better economic policies.' One person said in a post made by Cameroon News Agency. Another Cameroonian thinks that the leadership of the country is the major problem, 'Oh Lord who will deliver this Nation from the hands of wicked leaders who don't care for his citizens, Lord Jesus Christ help our nations of the world.' Some suggestions were even made on the number of government ministers parading the country's political capital, 'Instead of increasing fuel prices which leads to inflation and high cost of living, the president should have rather brought down the size of his government to 27ministers, dissolve unproductive State enterprises like ECOSOC, MATGENIE, Mipromalo etc, and Senate..but he prefers taxing the poor to pay the rich.' Another said, 'This is the shame, the pains, the unpleasantness, the wickedness, the manipulation, the torture, etc that goes with 40 years of dictatorship. Man fit open mop! They're focused on football- Shegeh' More reactions. Complimentary measures On Friday, the government said there will be some complementary measures to accompany Cameroonians who will bear the burden of this increase. The measures include raising the income of civil servants to 5% of their basic salary, initiating dialogue with private companies concerning the increase of minimum wage, reduction of tax and customs charges in the road transport sector. However, the timeline for these measures has not been given. Its feasibility is not even guaranteed.

Source: Cameroon News Agency