CDHC boss takes legal action against former chief of staff

By Eratus Ndueh

The president of the Cameroon Human Rights Commission (CDHC), James Mouangue Kobila, has filed a complaint against his former chief of staff, Judith Esperance Nkouete Messah, for wrongfully accusing him of sexual harassment, private outrage of modesty, conditional threats, blackmail, light injuries and defamation on March 15, 2024.

According to Koaci, an internal CDHC source confirmed that the accusations of Judith Esperance were made at a time when she was informed that she would be referred to the institution’s disciplinary council for ‘serious breaches’ and ‘gross professional misconduct.’

While legal actions were underway, the NGO Mandela Center denounced ‘serious ethical abuses’ and a theatricalization of the CDHC allegations by its president.

Judith made the revelation during an interview with an online television, Naja TV. However, summoned before the judge on February 6 and March 5 respectively, the president of the CDHC did not appear. He is expected back in court on May 7 for a d
ifferent hearing in the case.

He is also reportedly suing journalist Brand Kamga of Naja TV and Wesleg Nanse, CEO of Naja International Group for complicity in defamation in the recent TV interview. They are all expected at the Yaoundé Court of First Instance on April 2, 2024.

Source: Cameroon News Agency