Chery’s New PRO Series to be Launched in Iraq

BAGHDAD, July 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As one of the top Chinese export passenger car brands for 18 consecutive years, Chery is looking to step up its technological capabilities. Already in China, Russia, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia, the newly-launched PRO series models will also be entering the Iraq market this year.

Chery's New PRO Series

The Chery PRO series exhibits a brand new design that features stylish new elements such as a large hexagonal diamond front grille, encircled design, superior textured interior, as well as a large super-definition central control screen, electric induction trunk lid, and wireless mobile phone charging. These additional features provide an exceptional driving experience that exceeds similar cars on the marketplace.

This year, Chery will announce new partnerships and next-generation models in the Middle East to coincide with the launch of the new PRO series and further expand its influence in the region.

Chery is now the leading Chinese car brand in Iraq with nearly 70,000 vehicles sold. Also, Chery has accumulated a large number of loyal users in the country, with more than 30,000 fans of the local Chery UNION. This year, Chery will introduce the whole PRO series such as TIGGO 8 PRO, TIGGO 7 PRO, TIGGO 4 PRO, and TIGGO 2 PRO to Iraq, bringing new a whole-new experience to Iraq consumers.

Iraq is a strategically important overseas market for Chery, and the company will continue to root in the market in order to provide the best products and quality services for Iraqi consumers.

Chery is an internationally renowned Chinese automotive brand. Chery boasts some of the most powerful R&D strength in engines, gearboxes, chassis and other core technologies amongst Chinese automobile brands, and has established a global automobile R&D team of more than 5,500 people. Chery is also the first Chinese automobile company to export vehicles, CKD parts, engines, vehicle manufacturing technology, and equipment to the world. Chery has exported vehicles to more than 80 countries and regions, with nearly 9.4 million customers worldwide, the most of any Chinese passenger car for 18 consecutive years.

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