China Trade Week Kicks Off In Kenya

The 8th edition of China Trade Week (CTW) has brought a 3-day exhibition to the Kenyan market, attracting leaders from various countries like Malawi and Zambia.

The two countries have not only come to advertise their countries’ resources but also to learn, interact, and gain from interactions.

Due to the significant growth and evolution, this year’s CTW Kenya is set to introduce the Africa Food Show, Africa Build Show, and the exclusive Africa e-Digital Connect Summit.

While officially launching CTW Kenya at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre in Nairobi, State Department for Tourism Principal Secretary John Ololtuaa encouraged the visitors, exhibitors, and delegates to sample the forests, wildlife, historical sites, and culture in Kenya.

‘Kenya will continue to offer a diverse economic landscape and a strategic regional position for conducting business operations,’ he assured.

At the same time, the Global Exhibition Director, Mr. Edwin Masivo, also welcomed the members to Nairobi, urging them
to explore Kenya’s culture before the exhibition closes on Friday.

Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) Chairman Dr. James Mwaura highlighted the benefits of CTW’s partnership with KNCCI, including trade facilitations, market access, knowledge exchange, and even business networking opportunities.

On trade facilitations, Dr. Mwaura stated that almost 40 per cent of Kenyans use dollars in operations and that Mpesa, which is the common transaction method used in Kenya, has enabled people to carry less money in their pockets.

Meanwhile, the Deputy High Commissioner of Zambia, Kenya, Mr. Alfred Musemuna, urged the various African countries to invest in his mother country.

He noted that Zambia is endowed with diamonds and gold, besides being a peaceful country that is conducive to business activities.

Source: Kenya News Agency