Choose Between Operating Bars And Your Job, RC To Security Officers

North Eastern Regional Commissioner John Otieno has put on notice security officers operating bars and second generation liquor shops as the government steps up the war against illicit brew, drugs and substance abuse in the region.

Otieno was addressing selected security teams from the county to review the progress made in the war at the Garissa government Guest House today as well as security situation in the region in tackling the Al-Shabaab menace.

The Regional Commissioner said that the government has made it clear that it would not entertain security officers engaged in bar business because it amounted to conflict of interest.

‘There is no way a law enforcement officer is going to fight second generation alcohol trade when they are also engaged in the same business. They must choose between being a security officer and a bar owner,’ Otieno said.

‘I want to put on notice the officers who are operating bars that they should choose to do the business or resign because what they are doing amounts to conf
lict of interest. We are not going to go back on this,’ he added.

The Regional Commissioner said that he has the list of the officers owning bars, wine and spirit shops that he would share with the Regional Police Commander Moses Mureithi who is under clear instructions to execute the directive.

Otieno said that so far, a number of suspects engaged in selling of controlled drugs and sell of illicit brews in the region have been arrested and arraigned in court.

He said over 53 non-compliant pharmacist and agro-vets have been closed in the region and over 500 litres of illicit brews have been destroyed.

The Regional Commissioner noted that the major problem in the region remain bhang that is finding its way from Ethiopia through Isiolo, Wajir into Garissa County.

‘We have mapped up out areas that have been affected by this trade and I am happy to report that Wajir County through the multi-agency team has mounted road blocks to counter those who are trading in this illegal trade,’ he said.

Otieno further u
sed the opportunity to laud security agencies in the region for working round the clock to neutralize Al-Shabaab threats.

‘A number of planned terror attacks have been neutralized before they happened because of the cooperation between security agencies and members of the public who have volunteered timely information,’ he said.

The RC said the region has remained relatively calm because of the cooperation and urged the chiefs and their assistants to continue working closely with members of the public who played a crucial role in enhancing security in the region.

Source: Kenya News Agency