Community Leaders In Kirinyaga Demand Justice Over Illegal Donkey Slaughtering

Animals’ rights activists and community members in Kirinyaga County have rallied against the illegal slaughter of donkeys in the county. The illegal practice has seen a significant decline in the donkey population in the county as well as deeply affecting the livelihoods of many residents who rely on donkey transport to meet their daily bread.

The activists held a sensitization exercise in Mwea Town where they condemned the slaughtering of donkeys that is increasing in the county.

Mary Wambui, a local coordinator, has voiced her concerns vehemently saying those arrested should face severe punishment as they have left many who rely on donkeys as source of livelihood jobless. Wambui emphasized the critical role donkeys play in the community, highlighting their use in rice transport in Mwea plus other essential activities the beasts play.

‘Suspects already in custody, and they must be taken to court. Donkeys are an integral part to our way of life. Seeing them slaughtered illegally is incredibly painful,’ she

She urged the Kirinyaga county government to take immediate action and consider buying them donkeys for residents the way they distributed chicks and piglets to various groups within the county.

Robert Mbijiwe, the chair of an animal rights group, said they will not relent on efforts of protecting animals especially donkeys until the government intervenes to end the heinous act of slaughtering donkeys. He warned if those arrested are released they would take the law into their own hands to safeguard the livelihood of donkey users

‘If these individuals are released, the community will take justice into their own hands,’ he warned.

Robert also raised health concerns, suggesting that the illegally slaughtered donkey meat could be pose a health risk to consumers if no inspection is done by health officers.

‘The meat is taken directly to Nairobi; our people are eating uninspected meat given that it is slaughtered in the bushes and transported directly to unsuspecting customers,’ he added.

Another farm
er, Peter Muchira, says donkey slaughtering is increasing in a worrying trend. He argued that the people engaging in such business if it is legal should purchase donkeys so that it is a clean business. He called for strict legal action and intervention to curb the illegal slaughter and protect their essential livestock.

He added: ‘If the business is legal let them purchase donkeys so that we also get cash, the government should close the donkey slaughterhouse opened in Naivasha because it is endangering the animal existence’.

Last Saturday four people were arrested while some three others managed to escape near River Sagana, where over 30 donkeys were illegally slaughtered.

Source: Kenya News Agency

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