Corpse of woman finally out of mortuary after two years dispute

The corpse of a woman, Mme Kuissu Wouaffo Clarisse disputed for over two years by her son and a certain Eric Nodou she was married to for over 16 years has finally been removed from the Aluchem hospital mortuary on Thursday, May 25, 2023, and laid to rest.

A bill of about FCFA 6 Million was settled before the removal.

According to the deceased’s son, the delayed burial was due to Eric Nodou’s refusal to let her corpse be buried on his piece of land.

“The main issue is that he wants to absolutely bury his mother on my land, which is impossible. Again his mother tricked me to pay her bride price to another man she lied to and presented as her father. The man I paid the bride price to was instead her mother’s boyfriend (lover). She also lied to me about her age and so many things. I had no idea and only learned of these afterward. I had to file for annulment of the marriage but she died in the process.” Explained Eric Nodou, the deceased’s husband.

Son of the deceased insisted that his mother was the one who ensured the construction of the house she was living in with her husband for 16 years, with little contribution from the man.

“He claims, the money used to construct the house was his, presenting documents of expenses. It was my mother’s money in his possession. He only had access to those documents. It is my mother’s house he can’t dispute that. My mother must be buried in the bedroom of this house,” he said.

It was after the intervention of the Police and Gendarmes that Mme Clarisse was finally laid to rest in the bedroom of the said house in Logbessou, Douala V. sub-division.

Eric Nodou in question has no child with his late wife.

Source: Cameroon News Agency