Council Refers 2016 Fiscal Year Budget to House of People’s Representatives

The Council of Ministers has referred 801.6-billion Birr budget for the Ethiopian fiscal year 2016 to the House of People’s Representatives.

In its regular meeting held today, the council has taken into consideration the goals set in the Ten Year Perspective Development Plan in preparing the budget, according to the Office of the Prime Minister.

National security, citizens displaced by natural and man-made disasters, rebuilding of infrastructures destroyed by the law enforcement operation and objectives of social and economic transformation were also taken into account.

Accordingly, 369.6 billion Birr has been allocated for recurrent spending, 203.9 billion Birr for capital expenditure, 214.07 billion Birr to subsidize regional states, and 14 billion Birr for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), it was learned.

The council has finally referred the 801.6 billion Birr draft budget bill to the House of People’s Representatives for approval.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency