Deputy PM, FM Demeke Says ENA Media Complex Pivotal to Advance Ethiopia’s Diplomacy

Addis Ababa: Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen said that Ethiopian News Agency (ENA)'s new state-of-the-art media complex will have a pivotal contribution to supporting and advancing Ethiopia's diplomacy.

ENA, which is the sole national wire service in the country and among the pioneer news agencies in the continent with 80 plus years of rich experience, inaugurated its new state-of-the-art media complex last week.

The inaugurated state-of-the-art media complex has three television and four radio broadcasting studios that are fully equipped with sophisticated and up-to-date high-technology.

Following his visit to the agency's media complex, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke said that the inaugurated media facilities would help ENA to contribute a paramount role in the media industry.

As diplomacy is not only carried out by the Ministry of foreign affairs, Demeke is convinced that Ethiopian News Agency's journey in new heights will play a pivotal role in supporting diplomatic efforts.

The foreign minister further underscored that ENA's plan to assign correspondent journalists in overseas with the aim of expanding its branches and accessibility is commendable.

ENA, by doing this, will promote the true image and voice of Ethiopia to the world and thereby represent the nation, he emphasized.

To this effect, Demeke urged all Ethiopian embassies in abroad and other pertinent stakeholder to fully support Ethiopian News Agency in achieving its goal in this regard.

Recall Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed addressed to African heads of state at the summit of the African Union (AU) last year and stressed the need for tackling Africa's typically negative portrayal by the global media.

Premier Abiy also believed that the African continent should tell its own story, and not allow others to tell from the perspectives of their own interests.

'Until Africa tells her own stories, her image will remain distorted-a distortion that affects not just how others view us but also how we view ourselves,' the Premier noted, and emphasized the need to establish an African Union Continental Media House.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency