East Region: Man attacks school director with machete following son’s drowningGov’t Distributing Humanitarian Aid to 6.6 Million People

By Charity Nginyu

Mazebouag Public School in the East Region of Cameroon has been rocked by tragedy and violence following the death of a child and a vicious attack on the school director.

The incident unfolded when a parent, identified as Yekini, son of the village chief, allegedly assaulted Mr. Bruce Mengom, the school’s director, with a machete, before setting fire to the school buildings and fleeing the scene.

The parent’s actions were reportedly fueled by a desire for revenge following the drowning of his child, a student at the school.

However, sources have revealed that the tragic drowning occurred when the child ventured alone into a nearby marsh, unbeknown to the school director.

Mr. Mengom, who sustained head injuries in the assault, is currently receiving medical treatment.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

Addis Ababa: The Government of Ethiopia, in cooperation with international donors, has been distributing humanitarian aid to 6.6 million people, according to the National Disaster Risk Management Commission (NDRMC).

NDRMC Public Relations and Communication representative, Atalel Abohay told ENA that assistances, both in cash and in kind, have been consolidated to the victims of man-made and natural disasters.

He said that food and non-food items as well as cash have been distributed in six months of the fiscal year.

Accordingly, over 894,000 quintals of grain and 540.5 million Birr cash have been given to the needy.

In the first and second rounds alone, the commission extended assistance to 7.3 million citizens and to 6.5 million people in the third-round.

In total, Atalel stated that 15.2 billion Birr worth support has been distributed in kind and cash.

The humanitarian aid was provided to inhabitants affected by natural and man-made disasters in Afar, Tigray and Amhara regions, it was learned.

The r
epresentative further said the Government of Ethiopia provided 894,302 quintals of grain from reserve food warehouses to fill the gap created by donor organizations.

International donor organizations that had stopped providing aid have been persuaded to continue their support through diplomatic engagement, he noted.

As a result, the organizations have provided 400,000 quintals aid, which covered 30 percent of the assistance, in the third-round.

Atalel further stated that the commission, in collaboration with donor organizations, has continued providing assistance for 6.6 million people in the ongoing fourth-round

Source: Ethiopian News Agency