Ethi Residents Appeal For NPR Deployment To Tame Banditry

Following incessant banditry attacks in Ethi location,Mukogodo East in Laikipia, residents are appealing to the government to heighten security by deploying National Police Reservists.

Speaking in Ethi location and Graton in Mukogodo respectively during a public baraza with the local leaders, residents lamented that lack of enough security officers in the region offered the room for the bandits to raid villages with impunity.

‘We barely sleep because after two days, our cattle are stolen and we believe after airing out grievances to our local leaders, the insecurity issue will be addressed and restore calmness in our area,’ said Susan Mumbi, Ethi location resident.

Mumbi expressed fears that the that the bandits had even become bolder to an extent of robbing the local administrators at gunpoint citing the recent theft of livestock belonging as well and with a recent incident they stole the area chief’s cattle, they executed all their crimes at gunpoint, a situation that had left them helpless. Residents th
reatened to flee their homes if the issue of insecurity was not addressed on time.

‘They are fearless since they have guns and with the situation we can’t respond to distress calls from our neighbours. We call on the government to intervene , they are driving away our only livestock that was left after the drought,’ she urged.

Additionally, they noted that once cattle rustling was conducted by the bandits, they drove their livestock through the vast and volatile Mukogodo forest.

At the same time, locals urged Ethi police post to be upgraded into a police station as a move to boost security in Mukogodo.

Laikipia East Assistant County Commissioner Phoebe Mukami said that the government would not rest until the insecurity situation was addressed and at the same time they were finding a lasting solution to the menace.

Local leaders led by Laikipia East Member of Parliament Mwangi Kiunjuri and his Laikipia North counterpart Sarah Korere assured residents that the insecurity menace would be addressed.

said that the government would increase the NPR in all the affected areas of Laikipia North to tame banditry attacks and livestock theft.

‘We want your youth to be given NPR guns to protect you and we will defeat them. Those who are involved in buying stolen cattle will also be nabbed, so I urge you to partner in fighting banditry,’ said Korere.

On his part, Kiunjuri said that they were aware of the challenges and those involved in terrorizing residents and their days were numbered.

”We are investigating, we know where the problem is and those involved. When we start eradicating the banditry, don’t complain since you failed to report culprits,’ said Kiunjuri.

Source: Kenya News Agency