Ethiopia, Argentina Trade Relation Growing Steadily, Says Ambassador Grippo

The bilateral trade relation between Ethiopia and Argentina has been growing steadily, according to Ambassador Gustavo Teodoro Grippo of Argentina.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, the ambassador said that the bilateral relationship between Ethiopia and Argentina is positive in all senses.

Since the reopening of the Embassy of Argentina to Ethiopia in 2013, the bilateral trade relationship between the countries has grown steadily, he added.

“When I just arrived ten years ago, the trade was only 1 million USD per year. Now it has reached 1 billion USD.”

Ambassador Grippo elaborated that this is only in the commercial aspect. “In the political aspect too, the countries have good relationship. We have developed a good strategy in our relationship with Ethiopia. We have to continue opening markets and continue working on this path.”

According to him, the government is working with Argentine producers and exporters to closely monitor and meet the needs of Ethiopian markets with a view to fully tapping on the immense potential of the bilateral relations for growth.

The ambassador also added that the joint work of the Ethiopian Biotechnology Institute and the Argentine Institute for Agricultural Technology has been very fruitful over the last year.

“Not only have we concluded a joint project on the development of bioinoculants for sustainable agriculture, but also working on a project for the improvement of Begait beef and dairy production.”

Ambassador Grippo expressed his belief that cooperation in these fields is highly relevant for Ethiopia, given the relevance that both agriculture and cattle raising have for its economy.

Commenting on the importance of Ethiopian Airlines in boosting tourism and commercial ties between the countries, he described Ethiopian as one of the most important airlines with many destinations across the globe.

Since 2018 Ethiopian Airlines has been directly flying to Argentina with a stopover in Sao Paulo.

“The CEO of Ethiopian Airlines told me that in the future, perhaps this year, (Ethiopian) will start traveling to Argentina without a stopover and directly to Buenos Aires,” Ambassador Grippo revealed.

He further noted that the airline now “offers wonderful infrastructure such as Skylight Hotel for example. This hotel is amazing. You have everything to promote tourism for Argentina, to start flying here to visit this wonderful country.

This is my task to promote tourism to Argentina and the Ethiopian government’s task is to promote tourism to Argentina.”

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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