Ethiopia, China Strategic Partnership Growing Unaffected by Circumstances

Addis Ababa: Unaffected by circumstances, the strategic partnership between Ethiopia and China will continue to be strengthened in a manner that ensures mutual benefit, Ethiopia's Ambassador to China said. In an exclusive interview with ENA, Ambassador Tefera Derbew said that Ethiopia and China are countries that have a comprehensive and unchanging strategic partnership in multifaceted spheres. The two countries have established strong cooperation in the economic, politics, social, and diplomatic spheres, he added. According to him, the relationship between the two countries is constantly growing, especially in economic diplomacy; and China is making large investments in Ethiopia. Many Chinese investors are regularly coming to Ethiopia for foreign direct investment and securing investment licenses, he revealed. Moreover, the ambassador pointed out that the Ethiopian Embassy in China encourages and supports Chinese investors to engage in various sectors by promoting investment options and favorable condit ions in the country. Speaking about trade, Ambassador Tefera stated that trade between Ethiopia and China has been increasing to a great extent. And he added that efforts are being made to make use of China's wide market access on the Ethiopian side. He elaborated that in order to increase the type and quantity of products exported to the Chinese market, a concerted effort is being made to bring Chinese manufacturers to come to Ethiopia and participate in export trade. On the other hand, the countries are working to strengthen their cooperation in tourism, according to Ambassador Tefera. 'We are promoting the attention given to tourism and encouraging the Chinese to come and visit the attractions.' In particular, the Ethiopian Airlines has a wide opportunity to boost the tourism sector as it flies to various Chinese cities, he noted. Ambassador Tefera explained that a wide-ranging plan is also being prepared to share the culture and values of the two countries. Recall that Ethiopia and China announced the 'All Weather Strategic Cooperation Partnership' to elevating of partnership between the two countries in October 2023. Source: Ethiopian News Agency