Ethiopia Marks ‘Productivity Day’ Under Theme ” From Consumer to Producer!’

Ethiopia is observing ‘Productivity Day’ under the theme “From Consumer to Producer!’ as part the series of events being marked during the month of Pagumen.

Ethiopians have been celebrating eve of their New Year by campaigning various national issues during the six days of Pagumen, which is the 13th month of Ethiopian calendar with five or six days every leap year.

Today is Pagumen 4, which is designated to Productivity Day. The day is being observed under the theme “From Consumer to Producer!’

The objective of the event is to promote productivity in all sectors of the economic activities with a view to strengthen import substitution, job creation among other vital things.

The government has been taking several measures to realizing this strategy, it is indicated.

ETHIOPIA TAMRT (Let Ethiopia Produces) one of the national programs in this regard that was launched last year with a view to creating a competitive manufacturing industry by addressing the challenges facing the sector in a sustainable, integrated, and comprehensive manner.

The program also intends to widen the destinations of Ethiopian products in the international market.

As a result of the efforts being exerted, Ethiopia has been able to save some 2 billion USD by substituting imported goods during the concluded budget year.

The nation has also been registering an encouraging achievements in agricultural productivity as it has already substituted wheat import.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency