Ethiopian Shipping Lines to Commence Construction of Hawassa, Jimma Dry Ports

The Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise announced that it will start the construction of Hawassa and Jimma dry port terminals soon.

Ethiopian Shipping Port and Terminal Deputy CEO, Mihreteab Teklu told ENA that the enterprise has been providing logistics services for the country’s import and export.

He said that the enterprise has been focusing on providing logistics that efficiently handle export and import by expanding dry port terminal as well as building new dry ports.

The trend of increasing dry port terminals will especially have a huge significance in encouraging investors that engage in import-export trade and building the economy.

According to the deputy CEO, the enterprise will therefore commence the construction of dry port terminals in Hawassa and Jimma within few months.

Some 150 million Birr is alloted for the preliminary construction phase of each project.

The Hawassa Dry Port will cover 3.5 hectares of land and the Jimma Dry Port 20 hectares, it was learned.

Meanwhile, expansion works are underway on 8 dry ports to facilitate logistics and meet demands of customers.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency