Ethiopia’s Newly Built Adwa victory Memorial A Practical Testament for Defeating Colonialism: Historian

Ethiopia's newly built Adwa victory Memorial is a practical testament that Ethiopians had inflicted the major blow to colonialism and the industrial world in Africa, a historian said. The Adwa Victory Memorial, commemorates the historic Battle of Adwa, which took place on March 1, 1896. The project that was designed to showcase the grandeur and historical significance of Ethiopia, will be inaugurated today in the presence of high level government officials and invited guests. Majestically perched at the heart of Addis Ababa, locally known as Piassa with its ultra-modern architectural design, the Adwa Victory Memorial is built in a manner befitting the nation's greatness and its temerarious contribution in anti-colonialism struggle. The brilliant history of Ethiopian martyrs deserves the Memorial that has become a reality in this new generation, said a historian and archeologist, Tegenu gossa. Adwa victory immensely changed the history of black people who had been under the yolk colonialism, Tegenu indi cated. The victory, which is considered as the beacon for the freedom of humanity, the historian pointed out many African countries and leaders in the continent, including the South African Nelson Mandela were inspired by the victory in their anti-colonialism struggle. The historian, more importantly added that Ethiopians defeated the white supremacy in African soil. 'The victory of Adwa is a great symbol of invincibility for black people,' he underscored. For Tegenu, Adwa is not only a victory on the battlefield, but the success of the century that could be described in many ways. Most importantly, he underscored the victory of Adwa is extremely unique which prevented the colonial powers era from achieving a total victory in the African continent and a rocket booster for the inception of Pan Africanism movement. However, Tegenu, who resides in Israel, said we had no practical memory to show the practical events of Adwa victory during the past 128 years. In this regard, the newly built memorial wil l create a new spirit to Ethiopian and other black people as well as to enjoy the real test of Adwa victory, he believed. 'This (Adwa victory Memorial) is really a great achievement in this modern generation. We have been teaching Adwa at the level of history to our students. But until today, Adwa has not been a special symbol of its own to commemorate. But now there is a memorial where the Ethiopian heroes of Adwa gathered at the heart of the capital Addis Ababa,' the historian said. Tegenu further explained that the Adwa victory is not only for Ethiopians and Africans, but also as a symbol of freedom for the people of Caribbean, Latin America and other parts of the world. Hence, the Adwa victory Memorial will help people around the world to visit the museum which depicts spectacular and the consequential victory in the history of black people. Source: Ethiopian News Agency