Financially Lit Academy Releases Children’s Financial Education Book

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 30, 2024 / Online education resource Financially Lit Academy has announced the upcoming launch of a new workbook designed to accompany the company’s children’s book, "The ABCs of Wealth Building". The workbook is set to launch in January 2024 in concert with a series of seminars scheduled for the same month.

"The ABCs of Wealth Building" by Tanisha Adjokatcher

Both the original book and the pending workbook were written by the company founder and CEO Tanisha Adjokatcher, along with co-writer Chyanne Adjokatcher. Tanisha Adjokatcher will also be leading the series of online financial literacy seminars in January. While "The ABCs of Wealth Building" and the accompanying upcoming workbook are directed at children 5th grade and above, Adjokatcher’s seminars primarily focus on teaching financial literacy to parents and students. The seminars in early 2024 will be directed at adults, teaching them both financial skills and how to teach their own children the basics of finances.

Financially Lit Academy is also bolstering its selection of online courses, which are designed to help users boost their income streams and teaches the essentials of building a business, building wealth, and leaving a financial legacy for their children. The company offers coaching and encourages independent thinking in its clients, promoting a shift in mindset with the goal of opening up new perspectives and encouraging a future-oriented approach to finances.

The newly expanded courses have helped past clients to set up successful businesses, achieve personal financial growth, learn savvy credit management, learn how to navigate Amazon to make money, and participate in ecommerce ventures. Financially Lit Academy has been recognized for ecommerce achievements, entrepreneurial excellence, and significant online customer engagement.

Key to Financially Lit Academy’s updated offerings is its comprehensive credit & funding education services, which include a step-by-step credit repair program, various tools for debt elimination and expense minimization, and strategies for income growth. The Academy’s ecommerce training is particularly noted for its thorough approach to enhancing financial literacy by setting up a business structure, understanding branding and marketing, featuring instructional videos, step by step training.

Financially Lit Academy also specializes in aiding small businesses, often providing financial solutions where traditional banks may not. The academy offers strategic funding plans, helping clients secure unsecured loans, lines of credit, and revolving lines, thus assisting businesses in gaining access to the right funding sources for their needs.

CEO Tanisha Adjokatcher states that her experiences in creating her online courses, working as a coach and mentor, and her experience as a Minority/Women-owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) certified entrepreneur and Department of Education (DOE) vendor/contractor have shown her a gap in the educational system: teaching financial literacy to children. That is what inspired her to write "The ABCs of Wealth Building", along with the upcoming accompanying workbook.

"There is a need for improved financial literacy," says Adjokatcher, pointing to research that demonstrates this need. As of 2023, only 57% of adults in the US are financially literate; Americans lose an average of $1,819 every year due to financial illiteracy; and 77% of Americans report feeling anxious about their finances.

"I believe that financial literacy should be taught from early childhood, and should be available and accessible to everyone," says Adjokatcher. "My goal with ‘The ABCs of Wealth Building’ is to get a copy into the hands of every school, every library, and as many parents as possible. The book was designed to simplify complex financial concepts, breaking them down to a child’s level, and using interactive exercises and colorful illustrations to make learning fun and engaging."

The upcoming workbook will have a range of exercises and worksheets to accompany the book. Adjokatcher feels that offering financial education to kids should be designed to meet them where they are. Storytelling, stickers, interactive role-play, vision boards, and other engaging tactics help kids get excited about learning and this education has the potential to kick-start their financial success in the future.

About Financially Lit Academy

Financially Lit Academy is an educational platform dedicated to enhancing financial literacy in both children and in adults. The academy offers an array of services such as credit education, income growth strategies, and investment guidance. The company offers online courses, interactive workshops, and personalized coaching. CEO and founder Tanisha Adjokatcher has also written a children’s book, "The ABCs of Wealth Building", to promote financial literacy in young students.

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