Fourth Filling of GERD Notable Success: Scholars

The completion of the fourth filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is a remarkable achievement for Ethiopia, scholars said.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced the completion of the fourth round filling of the GERD today.

Since the commencement of the construction of the dam 12 years ago, Ethiopians have been collectively mobilizing resources for the GERD, especially raising about 18.3 billion Birr to finance it, it was learned.

The scholars noted that the completion of the fourth filling of GERD is a remarkable achievement for Ethiopia.

Addis Ababa University Political Science and International Relations Lecturer, Yonas Ashine told ENA that GERD is the mark of this generation that will impact the future and is Ethiopia’s identity.

The progress in the dam also asserts Ethiopia’s right to utilize the Abbay River and holds significant hydro-political implications for Ethiopia, the lower riparian countries, and the region at large, ushering in cooperation possibilities in developing transboundary resources.

“Beyond the generational impact, the role of the dam on the Abay River hydro-politics is so huge in view of political economy, because it changes the status quo and ushers in Ethiopia’s right of fair use of the waters without harming the lower riparian countries. If taken positively, it is an indication of a project for transboundary resources development and cooperation. It is also the footprint of this generation that strengthens Ethiopia’s connection with the river,” Yonas said.

Upon completion and start of generating hydropower, the lower Nile riparian countries will realize that the hydro dam will not harm them; and the dam will provide a lesson on how to utilize transboundary resources together and in cooperation, he observed.

The benefit of this dam is beyond Ethiopia, it is also to the benefit of lower riparian countries as well as to the entire region, Yonas added.

Upon completion, the dam will promote fair utilization of water resources and serve as a model for transboundary cooperation, he said.

Kotebe University of Education President, Berhanemeskel Tena told ENA that the completion of the fourth filling is a remarkable achievement, which is beyond just filling the water to the reservoir for Ethiopians, for it is attained amid pressing challenges.

“Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed broke the news of the completion of the fourth filling today. It is a big announcement because GERD is the hope of all Ethiopians and a tool to combat poverty. For me, GERD is a flagship national project creating national consensus without a difference because the dam has reached all the way from its inception to the completion of the fourth filling with the concerted support of all Ethiopians. So it is our fingerprint of unity and it is beyond just filling the water to the reservoir,” he said.

The success has a big implication entailing that Ethiopia is able to overcome its challenges and make progress, he added.

We have overcome the challenges we faced yesterday and reached here, Birhanemeskel said, adding that the way we passed yesterday is an indication that we will overcome today’s challenges and achieve a prosperous Ethiopia.

He further said that it is a project where more than 80 ethnic identities in Ethiopia speak the same language and the completion of the 4th round of the dam is a demonstration that Ethiopia can achieve any project even in the face of challenges.

The dam is a symbol of our unity and strength to eradicate poverty and pass on a prosperous nation for the next generation, he noted.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency