Headline on coup d’Etat: The Post says staff member sent out version before time

One of Cameroon’s leading English newspapers The Post, has faced criticism over a controversial headline considered as one which could stir coup sentiments among citizens.

The media outlet issued a statement hours later on Monday, September 11, saying the copy bearing the headline was yet to be reviewed by the editorial team.

“66% of Cameroonians want a military coup – Afrobarometer survey” the headline read.

Believing the article was inspired by the spate of recent coups in West and Central Africa, especially those in Niger and Gabon, The National Communication Council (NCC), Cameroon’s press regulatory body, reacted immediately with a rebuke.

The president of the council Joseph Chebongkeng Kalabubse, said the publication went against “the responsibility and professional rules that guide journalism,” given the country’s current socio-political context.

Reports further pointed out that the survey referenced, could not be verified on any of the Afrobarometer platforms.

The Post newspaper has expressed regret for the “damage” caused.

Monday’s edition of the paper carries a different banner headline, with the coup story completely scrapped.

Source: Cameroon News Agency