I won but could not upset their business -Ngannou

Former UFC world heavyweight champion, Francis Ngannou has admitted that he won his debut fight with WBC Tyson Fury, but was robbed of his victory.

“I won that fight, there is no question about it. But you know, and even before getting here, I knew! I knew like if this fight gets to a decision, I am not winning, not because I didn’t do good, but because I am a new guy in the house. I come here and just wanna you know, kick into people’s business.” Ngannou told reporters.

The PFL Africa Coordinator noted that the system is very strong and one does not really need to win by decision especially if you are making a debut, you need a strong force to give a knockout, “I know there is a structured business out there and you need to do a lot to destroy it, that is why it will be upset for them. I wasn’t expecting to just win like that in the decision”

Francis Ngannou was beaten by Tyson Fury after the Judges split the decision with two voting in favor of the English Boxer and one in favor of the Cameroonian.

Saturday’s fight in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia witnessed the presence of former WBC champion, Mike Tyson, who was Ngannou’s personal trainer, world football star, Christiano Ronaldo, singer, Kanye West ( Ye) among others.

It was the Cameroinaisn’s first appearance in a boxing ring but he wowed everyone with a heavy punch in the third round that left Fury falling on the floor.

Ngannou is set to go home with more than FCFA Six billion, about 10 million USD.

Source: Cameroon News Agency