Intelligent Wave Inc. Provides Finland’s Broadcaster Yle with IP Flow-monitoring Solution “EoM”

– Vital Real-time Monitoring Solution in Next-generation IP Broadcasting –

TOKYO, June 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Intelligent Wave Inc. (“IWI” hereinafter), based in Tokyo, announced on June 23 that it has provided Yleisradio Oy (“Yle” hereinafter), a national public service media, with “EoM,” an IP flow-monitoring solution.

EoM Implementation Backstory

Yle has implemented EoM in a plan to monitor and analyze IP flows in an upcoming renewed MCR Control Room. Below are the points highly evaluated during the POC.

EoM Evaluation Points

  • Compatible with 100GbE, and supports a variety of protocols
  • Expectation on higher availability without additional cost with 24/7 monitoring
  • Detailed troubleshooting made possible with past data analysis
  • Integration with third-party network management system
  • Software-based solution utilizing OSS allowing flexible configuration

About EoM

EoM is an IP flow-monitoring solution (*1) co-developed with Japan’s public broadcaster NHK aimed towards the broadcasting industry. EoM combines IWI’s high-speed data-processing technology from its payment system development business and the power of FPGAs (*2). With the spread of 4K/8K broadcasting, it is becoming vital for broadcasters to shift to IP transmission, which calls for a tool to monitor IP flows in detail in order to maintain/increase the quality. EoM supports standard IP broadcasting protocols, such as SMPTE ST2110, ST2022, etc., contributing to drastically cutting down operation cost for IP studios by analyzing/monitoring data in real time as well as analyzing past data. IWI will continuously develop features and functions that will contribute to supporting and maintaining the quality of IP broadcast.

(*1) Patent pending
(*2) FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array): an integrated circuit designed to be configured by a customer or a designer after manufacturing

EoM Functions / Features

Below are some functions / features of EoM. (New functions/features will be continuously added.)

  • Monitoring of 12 protocols with a supported speed of 10GbE / 25GbE / 100GbE
  • Items such as bitrate, packet drop count, latency, jitter, etc. can be monitored
  • Alert according to user-set threshold
  • Decoding of audio and video packet
  • Integration with third-party network management system

More information on EoM:

About IWI

IWI is a leading company in online network infrastructure development in the finance industry, with strengths in handling an immense amount of data precisely and in real time. IWI has a growing business in the security industry, developing and reselling packaged software for information security and cybersecurity. IWI supports corporate DX by providing fast, reliable, and safe infrastructure based on the company’s management philosophy “Creating safe and reliable information society.”

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