Japan Provides 3 Million USD for Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission

The Government of Japan has provided 3 million USD to support the Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission.

Japan’s Ambassadors to Ethiopia Ito Takako and UNDP Resident Representative Tuhan Saleh inked the agreement.

The grant will be channeled through the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), it was learned.

Speaking during the signing ceremony of the grant today, Japan’s Ambassador Ito Takako said the assistance will enable the commission to become more efficient, transparent and ultimately credible institution.

The finance will go toward enhancing the staffing and technical office capacity of the ENDC and strengthening public awareness of the national dialogue process.

According to a press release of the embassy, the project is expected to contribute to the participation of approximately 1.5 million people in the national dialogue across Ethiopia. Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission Chairperson, Professor Mesfin Araya extended gratitude to the people and Government of Japan for the financial support, and extended his optimistic view about the success of the dialogue in the country.

“While carrying out extraordinary task on the ground, we count on development partners, the Government of Ethiopia, and friends of Ethiopia to support us throughout the process where we value and acknowledge open heartedly the support and enthusiasm,” the chairperson said.

UNDP Resident Representative Tuhan Saleh said the assistance is a showcase of what Ethiopia’s partners and the international community around the world are doing to support the national dialogue.

“The Ethiopian national dialogue is a significant and unprecedented initiative with the potential to write a new social contract for Ethiopia through dialogue and debates around critical issues with direct relevance to democratization, lasting peace, and sustainable development of the country,” Saleh added.

The Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission was established by the House of People’s Representatives in February 2022 with a three-year mandate to lead an independent, inclusive, and transparent national dialogue across the country.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency