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Jubi has Officially Rebranded as the Joy Universe Digital Asset Trading Platform

HONG KONG / ACCESSWIRE / February 1, 2024 / The cryptocurrency trading platform Joy Universe ( officially announced to the public that Exor Digital Holdings Limited, a global player in the digital innovation and technology sector, has completed the full acquisition of the original Jubi digital trading platform. Exor Digital Holdings Limited now holds 100% ownership of Jubi and has undertaken a comprehensive restructuring and significant adjustments to key positions in its core departments, including technology development, brand expansion, customer service, and major client channels.

Founded in 2013, the Jubi trading platform was one of the earliest cryptocurrency exchanges globally. In 2015, it proudly claimed the top spot among the largest Chinese-language digital asset trading platforms, and in 2017, it maintained the highest global trading volume. In February 2020, Jubi was fully acquired by Singapore’s Uniweb Group and has served a total of 23 million digital asset trading users in hundreds of countries around the world. With a current valuation of $1.2 million USD for its domain,, the acquiring company, Exor Digital Holdings Limited, has strong backing from traditional investment institutions, including those in Italy, and prominent players in the cryptocurrency field.

The announcement notes that the acquisition will facilitate the development of the encrypted digital ecosystem and bring a powerhouse to the global strategy of the platform. Post-acquisition, the Joy Universe Digital Asset Trading Platform will comprehensively upgrade its brand, technology, ecological development, user services, channel expansion, and artificial intelligence data services. It will also prioritize the development of DeFi infrastructure, Web3 digital entities, NFT asset applications and implementation, the encrypted entertainment sector, and the metaverse field.

Joy Universe introduces the slogan "Joy to the Universe," aiming to spread joy throughout the entire universe. The platform is dedicated to enhancing user experience, providing a convenient value interaction channel for high-quality digital industry projects, and upholding the brand’s mission of defending user trading freedom and asset privacy, among other brand upgrade strategies.

The major adjustments in the management and controlling aspects of Joy Universe, along with the comprehensive upgrade as we understand it, might be driven by the optimistic development trends and opportunities arising from Bitcoin’s ETF approval and the arrival of the era of the digital virtual economy. The acquisition event and the comprehensive brand upgrade for Jubi’s trading platform could potentially contribute to a revival of its status as the world’s former largest exchange, rejoining the competition among top-tier global exchanges. 2024 might witness a compelling drama in the cryptocurrency sector, with various contenders rising and competing, presenting an intriguing spectacle. We eagerly await further developments.

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