Justice Sichale Sworn-In As The New Court Of Appeal Representative To JSC

Chief Justice (CJ), Martha Koome, has sworn in Justice Fatuma Sichale as the new Court of Appeal representative in the Judicial Service Commission (JSC). Koome said that Sichale joins the Commissioners of the JSC and together in their collective role, they will be pursuing the imperative of securing the independence and accountability of the judiciary. 'All the functions of the JSC ultimately boil down to facilitating the rights to access justice, as enshrined under Article 48 of the Constitution, which is to be a commission of excellence in promoting an independent and accountable judiciary. We exist to make sure that the Judiciary is accessible, efficient and meets the expectations and aspirations of Kenyans,' stated Koome Speaking at the Supreme Court building on Monday, the CJ revealed that Sichale joins the JSC when the Commission is implementing its Strategic Plan 2022/2027, aimed at guiding them in the realization of the Commission's vision, which is 'To be a Commission of Excellence in Promoting a n Independent and Accountable Judiciary'. She also expressed her gratitude to the outgoing Court of Appeal representative at the JSC, Justice Mohamed Warsame, for his undivided dedication to the Commission, during his two-year tenure. Citing the Oath of Office as a guide to Sichale's role in her day-to-day work, Koome encouraged the new representative never to depart from the law. In addition to the law, she urged her to serve the country to the best of her abilities while bearing in mind the enormous responsibilities that had been placed on her by the Constitution and the people of Kenya. Sichale promised to work diligently and to be of service to all, irrespective of rank or status. 'As a representative of the Court of Appeal, I am cognizant that I would not only be of service to the Judges of my court, but also to those of other courts, judicial officers and other judicial staff. Source: Kenya News Agency