Kuwait Medical Team Launches Free Medical Services in Addis Ababa

The Kuwait Surgical Team launched a free medical services today at St. Paul’s Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The team, which includes 20 doctors, 11 nurses and 3 technicians, will conduct surgical treatment to about 200 patients in the coming five days.

Kuwait Surgical Hope Team Chief Dr. Hisham Burezq said the idea is to help our brothers and sisters in Addis Ababa in providing medical services for patients arranged by St. Paul’s Hospital.

Dr. Burezq told ENA, we are providing the services to those who are not capable of paying medical service fees chosen by the hospital administration.

St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College Vice Provost Dr. Wuletaw Chane for his part said Kuwait Surgical Hope Team is providing various medical services, especially for those in need of surgical services in 8 surgical rooms arranged at the hospital.

He said some kinds of medical operations have been difficult to conduct at the hospital due to lack of materials, however, he added that the Kuwait Surgical Medical Team brought these materials so the surgical operation will be undertaken over the coming days.

The medical service provided by the Kuwait Medical Team would create opportunity for exchange of knowledge and experience as well as bilateral cooperation in the sector, he added.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency