Kwale County Enhances TVET Programs to Tackle Youth Unemployment

Kwale County – Governor Fatuma Achani of Kwale County has emphasized her administration's commitment to strengthening Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) as a strategic approach to address youth unemployment in the coastal county. Governor Achani pointed out the necessity of technical training for those who do not transition to higher education institutions after secondary school.

According to Kenya News Agency, The county government is focusing on providing technical skills to bridge the growing skilled labor deficit and enhance hands-on experience in the region. Governor Achani believes that TVETs are crucial for improving labor market access and livelihood opportunities for many young people who lack the necessary skills for job market integration.

Since the onset of devolution in 2013, the number of TVETs in Kwale has increased from 12 to 43 across 20 administrative wards. These technical institutes offer diverse training programs in fields such as engineering, carpentry, refrigeration, welding, masonry, mechanics, electrical, plumbing, tailoring, catering, and beauty trades. The proliferation of TVETs aims to equip young people with relevant skills for productive societal roles and sustainable livelihoods.

"We are equipping TVETS to provide learners with the technical skills needed to eke out a living," stated Governor Achani, highlighting the importance of skill acquisition and vocational training. The county is committed to enhancing access and improving the quality and relevance of vocational training in the labor market.

TVETs are instrumental in achieving Kenya's Vision 2030 development agenda, a national government program launched in 2008 to transform Kenya into a middle-income economy by 2030. Governor Achani encouraged the youth to join TVETs to gain practical skills and improve employability.

During her address at the graduation ceremony of the Kamale TVET center in Samburu sub-county, Governor Achani announced the county's plans to upgrade local TVETs to centers of excellence with a budget of Sh10 million, recruit additional staff, and link graduates with potential employers. The initiative aims to provide youths with technical skills and opportunities to enhance self-resilience and sustainability.

The event, also attended by Deputy Governor Chirema Kombo and County Executive Committee Member for Social Services and Talent Management Francisca Kilonzo, highlighted the county's efforts to address the severe shortage of skilled artisans like plumbers, carpenters, welders, and mechanics.