L’Anecdote Group’s director, Bruno Bidjang in custody again

By Eratus Ndueh The director of media at the L'Anecdote media group, Bruno Bidjang, has been arrested by the Police then taken to the Defense State Secretariat (SED) for interrogations on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, February 7, 2024. The circumstances surrounding Bidjang's arrest remain unknown, with conflicting reports regarding the location of his apprehension. While some sources suggest Bafoussam or Mbalmayo, the exact details remain elusive to the public. However reports holds that he is in custody facing questionings in the company of Barrister Charles Tchoungang. Bruno Bidjang's alleged involvement in the Martinez Zogo affair, led to his recent summons by the new investigating judge of the Yaoundé military court. But the recent arrest is linked with several of his outings on the Social media, where he is accused of asking the people of Cameroon to protest last of electricity and other amenities. While the case has been under investigation for almost a year, several suspects have already been arrested and placed in detention at the Yaoundé central prison, including Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga, the CEO of L'Anecdote group, Maxime Eko Eko, the former director general of external research, Martin Savom, the mayor of Bibey, Justin Danwe, several elements of the army and police units. All are suspected of being involved in the assassination of Martinez Zogo. His employer in a communique banned all employees from giving their personal views on societal issues on the social media. They also dissociate themselves from Bruno's declarations. Source: Cameroon News Agency