Mainstream Foundation opens gardening project at Chefuzwe

The Mainstream Foundation, through Gem Diamonds Namibia, has opened a vegetable garden at Chefuzwe in the Katima Rural Constituency.

Established in 2008, the Mainstream Foundation was started as a non-governmental organisation by the parents of children living with disabilities and currently has about 37 children in its care.

Speaking at the opening of the project recently, the foundation’s director Sylvia Chidunka informed the gathering that after COVID-19, the foundation has been living on donations from various individuals and companies and saw it fit to start up a garden that will assist in generating an income for the children and its employees.

She called on the community of Chefuzwe to get involved in the project to sustain the foundation.

‘The project plans to sell its agricultural produce to individuals and business communities before extending its products to the rest of the Zambezi Region,’ Chidunka said.

Officially opening the garden, Zambezi Regional Governor and patron of the Mainstream Fo
undation, Lawrence Sampofu urged the parents with children with disabilities to refrain from hiding their children and to bring them out to play with other children.

He added that people with disabilities must receive all the necessities including employment.

Apart from the gardening project, the foundation also runs a tailoring project, to generate income.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency