Ministers Laud Success of First Phase of PM’s Green Legacy Initiative

The first phase of the Green Legacy program initiated by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has registered huge success, according to ministers.

The ministers, who took part in the launching of the second phase of the Green Legacy Initiative in Afar region yesterday, said the program has been very successful.

Head of the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Affairs Minister, Alemtsehay Paulos stated during the occasion that more than 25 billion seedlings were planted in the first phase of the Green Legacy Initiative.

Highlighting the success of the first phase of the initiative, she noted that planting of seedlings has benefited the society as they were able to get fruits from the planted trees.

The second phase of the program launched under the theme: “Let’s plant the future today” is a crucial juncture in which we leave great legacy for the future generation, she said.

Alemtsehay added that the initiative is also pivotal to transfer a well developed, productive and climate resilient nation for the next generation.

According to her, this year’s program has mainly focused on planting edible fruits tree seedlings.

Water and Energy Minister Habtamu Itefa affirmed the success of the first phase of the initiative as the program has mobilized Ethiopians at large, which is a great experience to expand into other areas.

Noting that planting seedlings is instrumental to develop water resources, he added attention will next be given to basins.

Irrigation and Lowland Areas Development Minister, Aisha Mohammed said that Ethiopia has become a leading country in green legacy.

The green legacy program initiated by the PM will be critical in preventing the impact of climate change which has become a global phenomenon, the minister elaborated, pointing out that the lowland areas consist of plenty of water resources, huge land resources, and animal resources that could be beneficial to the nation.

Starting the initiative in these areas will have a huge role in showing the ample potential, Aisha noted.

Understanding that the initiative would bring social harmony and accelerate economic growth, we need to join hands to be successful in such areas.

Innovation and Technology Minister Belete Molla noted said the first phase has registered big leap.

As monitoring the seedlings should be given attention in addition to planting seedlings, software that carry out the activity has been developed.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency