Ministry of Finance Consults with Chinese Delegation on New Economic Cooperation

The Ministry of Finance consulted with a Chinese high-level delegation on the new economic cooperation between the two countries, especially on Belt and Road Initiative key projects.

The head of the Chinese delegation team Xu Jianping, Director General of the National Development and Reform Commission stated on the Ethio-China economic cooperation which has been given special attention by the Chinese Government.

The director general recommended the establishment of the two countries’ working group mechanism so that the team can play an important role to improve the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative key projects.

The State Ministry of Finance, Semereta Sewasew said on her part that the cooperation of the two countries has reached its highest level ‘All-Weather Strategic Partnership.’

The state minister noted that both sides should explore and fully utilize their comparative strengths to promote and further improve this mutually beneficial cooperation.

Finally, an agreement has been reached b
y both sides to work together to promote the key projects, in the areas of road, railway, agriculture, and other development areas to be considered in the coming Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) meeting and an agreement to be reached for signature.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency