Ministry Of Health Commences Posting Of Clinical Officer Interns

The Ministry of Health yesterday issued letters to over 1000 clinical officer interns to report to various ministries and health department sectors across the country for internship.

The internship programme is set to be effective as from 1st April 2024 upon which the interns are expected to have reported in their posting centres.

The Ministry of Health Director of Administration Adan Harakhe said that all letters for the interns were ready and the ministry was set to release the posting letter of the 6 categories summing a total of 3,752 interns.

They include 1,270 Clinical Officers Diploma holders, 145Clinical Officers Bachelors Science, 1,125 Nursing Officers, 73 Dental Officer Interns, 290 Pharmacist Interns, and 849 Medical Officer Interns.

‘The ministry is in the process of reviewing the internship policy which will make the interns not to stay longer after an internship ends as it has been earlier,’ he stated.

The Chairman of Clinical Officers Council Ibrahim Wako said that the amount of money pa
id to the diploma interns has been increased from Sh15, 000 to Sh25, 000.

He noted that despite the economic challenges the country is facing, the ministry leadership has put an effort to bring the increment to fulfillment.

Wako said that the ministry would not condone issues of malpractices and professional misconduct that would lead to internship termination.

‘I want interns to go and work within the scope of practice, within the unit and boundaries,’ he advised.

Speaking at the event, the Secretary General, Kenya Union of Clinical Officers George Gibore said that the Ministry of Health was able to take on interns who have undertaken their diploma to go out and serve the world.

He noted that the clinical officers have been offering service to the country since 1928 and were still continuing to build their capacity.

Gibore added that the Ministry recommended stations to clinician ratio to have a total of 67,000 interns but despite the gap, the government has managed to employ at least 9,000 clinical of
ficers, adding that the government is now responsive to escalating the range of stipend between Sh27, 000 to Sh35, 000 through the approval of Salary Remuneration Commission (SRC).

He at the same time encouraged the interns to work hard since the government has a position for them, adding that the Public Service Commission has approved the job group of the intern’s health union.

‘The government has been responsive to every issue that is raised by engaging the Union. We call upon the government to resolve the disagreement under category of the degree clinical officer proposal in order to increase the achievement,’ he stated.

Source: Kenya News Agency