Mitsubishi Expresses Desire to Engage in Trading Investment in Dire Dawa Free Trade Zone

The well-known international car manufacturer, Mitsubishi has expressed its desire to engage in trading investment in Dire Dawa Free Trade Zone in Ethiopia with the view to use the investment options available within it, according to Industrial Parks Development Corporation. IPDC's Investment Promotion and Marketing Deputy CEO Zemen Junedin, received the company's General Manager, Shigyoshi, and spoke to him at his office. Among the investment centers managed by IPDC, the General manager earlier visited Hawassa, Adama and Bole Limi Industrial Parks and stated that they want to engage in trade-related investments in Dire Dawa Free Trade Zone. On his part, IPDC's Deputy CEO Zemen, pointed out that the Dire Dawa Free Trade Zone is a new face of Dire Dawa which is currently hosting a large demand for investment in various sectors. And he strongly confirmed that IPDC will support Mitsubishi to do the research that will help it in trading investment and engage in the business. Mitsubishi has its headquarters i n Tokyo, Japan, known for its vehicle manufacturing and also engaged in banking, agro processing, chemical industry and other huge investments and has more than 80 thousand employees. Source: Ethiopian News Agency