Mother-To-Child HIV Transmission Declines In Mandera

A recently released health report from Mandera County indicates a significant drop in mother-to-child HIV transmission cases, marking a noteworthy achievement in the region. Abd Gedi, the County HIV/AIDS Coordinator, says these cases have been on the decline over the past two years. In a momentous development, no new cases were reported as 37 children born to HIV-positive mothers successfully graduated from the county-a milestone celebrated by Mandera County. Gedi attributes the decrease in mother-to-child HIV transmissions to the enhanced healthcare services provided in the region. He further notes that the county's HIV coordinator and health facility champions will persist in tracking HIV-positive mothers, offering counselling and training to reduce such cases further by the year 2027. Despite this positive trend, HIV prevalence in Mandera County is on the rise, with over 2000 residents testing positive for the virus. Currently, a total of 800 residents between the ages of 18 and 35 are under HIV tre atment. In light of these developments, Mandera residents are strongly encouraged to undergo HIV testing, and those living with HIV are urged to adhere to their medication for a healthier lifestyle. To combat the infectious disease, Mandera County plans to construct additional healthcare facilities across the region, demonstrating their commitment to addressing health challenges and fostering community well-being. Source: Kenya News Agency