Murang’a Celebrates Progress Made In Eradicating Illiteracy Through Adult Education

Residents of Murang'a County and stakeholders recently marked the International Literacy Day where they celebrated the progress made in eradicating illiteracy through adult and continuing education.

The county Adult Education and Continuing Education director, Rachael Mukami, stated that although the rates of illiteracy in Murang'a are still high, there was visible progress at the community level as more people have embraced adult education.

'There are many reasons why various people did not go to school when they were young while many others dropped out for various reasons and adult education gives them a chance to acquire education,' Mukami said adding that more adults need to embrace the various adult education programs being offered.

The International Literacy Day is marked on September 8 every year and this year Murang'a County held celebrations in Murang'a East and Murang'a south sub-counties.

There are 17 learners enrolled in the adult education programs across the county who are registered for this year's KCPE and KCSE examinations.

The director observed that stigma was a major hindrance as it makes some members of the society shy off from adult education and such the society still needs sensitization in order to encourage more adults to enroll as they would also get training on various income generating skills.

'Other than literacy, those enrolled in the various adult education classes get to learn income generating skills,' she said.

Mukami urged the government to allocate more funds towards adult education for employment of more qualified teachers and setting up more adult education centres as there is still a huge literacy gap to be filled in the community.

On his part, Murang'a County Commissioner (CC), Patrick Mukuria, applauded the department of adult education for their efforts towards eradicating illiteracy in the society.

'We appreciate your efforts and commitment towards fighting illiteracy especially because the students are adults who have to balance education and all their other responsibilities,' he said.

Mukuria lauded the elderly members of the society who have embraced adult education and noted that education is an important pillar of the society as it improves social cohesion as well as the dignity of all members of the society.

Source: Kenya News Agency