Ndoh 1 natives abandon village citing underdevelopment

Numerous residents of Ndoh 1 village in Mbanga subdivision, Moungo Division of the Littoral region have opted to leave their homeland due to the challenges of underdevelopment.

Located deep within a forest, the village lacks basic amenities such as clean water, accessible roads, adequate healthcare facilities, and proper school infrastructure.

‘Exploring the area, you’ll notice houses engulfed by overgrown vegetation. The occupants have relocated to nearby villages in search of better services. Here, we make do with what we have. We collect water from a nearby stream where laundry and other activities take place,’ remarked one resident.

Even the teachers of Ndoh 1 primary school, established in 1953 and the only school in the village, have departed, leaving the institution to succumb to nature’s reclamation.

‘Initially, parents sent their children to the school, but due to the lack of development, they moved away and enrolled their children in schools elsewhere. Consequently, the teachers had no students
to teach and were compelled to leave,’ elaborated another local.

The absence of electricity is cited as another significant reason for the exodus from the village.

‘For the past decade, we have been without electricity because vandals have severed the power cables for their own gain. Although electric poles stand, there are no cables,’ lamented another villager.

Despite the challenges, those remaining in the village persevere, hoping for a wind of development to sweep through Ndoh 1 and revive life. Such progress would encourage the return of those who left due to the village’s underdevelopment.

Source: Cameroon News Agency