Nigerian Delegation Visiting Ethiopia to Share Wheat Production Successes

A Nigerian delegation led by Vice President-Elect, Kahim Sheltima has discussed with officials from the Ministry of Agriculture on ways to sharing the successful achievements that Ethiopia has been registering in wheat production.

It is to be recalled that Ethiopia has become wheat exporter shifting from being wheat importer.

Officials of the Ministry briefed the Nigerian delegation about Ethiopia’s wheat and other agricultural development successes.

The delegation was also briefed about Ethiopia’s endeavor to improve productivity based on its own varieties of wheat seedlings with a view to ensuring self-sufficient.

It was indicated during the occasion that Ethiopia has now managed to fulfill its domestic demand and even started to export the bumper harvest of wheat.

Speaking with ENA, Nigeria’s Vice President-Elect, Kashim Sheltima, said he came to learn from Ethiopia’s success in wheat production.

The discussion with officials of Ethiopia’s Ministry of Agriculture, has enabled the Nigerian delegation to understand that what Ethiopia is doing in the field is admirable, he said adding Nigeria wants to emulate Ethiopia’s success in wheat production.

He said that Ethiopia used to import wheat from abroad; however he added that due to the political commitment demonstrated by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government to strengthen domestic wheat development, the country has currently become wheat self-sufficient.

Nigeria, which has a population of over 220 million, spends over two billion USD per annum on importing wheat, according to the vice president elect.

Therefore, he said, his delegation came to learn from Ethiopia on ways to increase Nigeria’s wheat production.

“Ethiopia, a couple of years ago was importer of wheat, due to the high level of political commitment by PM Abiy Ahmed and his team Ethiopia has become independent of wheat importation. With over 220 million people the Nigerian Nation spending two billion USD every year to importing wheat and we are here to learn from African brothers from Ethiopian brothers on how to scale up the cultivation of wheat in Nigeria.”

According to him, Ethiopia’s success in wheat production is a good experience not only for Africans but also for developing countries across the globe.

“Ethiopia is a success story on wheat production not only in Africa but is the whole of the developing world. We learn from you. We will get back home and replicate your success story in the next two, three years we also get out of ourselves from dependency of wheat importation.”

Africans should work in cooperation and coordination to become self-sufficient in food production, he pointed out.

The Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Girma Amente, on his part, said the improvement that Ethiopia has achieved over the last five years in the agricultural sector can be a good example to the rest of Africa.

For us, it is a great success that African brothers are coming to Ethiopia to share our experience rather than from other developed countries, he added.

He further said that Ethiopia is ready to provide professional, training and other support to brotherly countries from its experience.

“Previously, we Africans mostly visit Asia to share experiences. The idea of ‘African Solution to African Problems could be applied to all areas including agriculture. Therefore, for those who believe to emulate our experience and success it will work for them too.”

Source: Ethiopian News Agency