Nollywood actress exposes Asaba film Sets’ dangers following Junior Pope’s tragic death

By Charity Nginyu

Nollywood actress Anne Nnebedum has brought to light the perilous working conditions on Asaba film sets, shedding light on the lack of safety measures that led to the untimely death of actor Junior Pope.

Speaking out against the negligence rampant in the industry, Nnebedum stated, ‘If you have worked in Asaba film sets, you would know how they ignorantly do daredevil scenes without any safety measures.’

She recounted her own experience. One of the alarming practices Nnebedum revealed is the use of real-life anaconda snakes in scenes, posing grave risks to actors who are often coerced into dangerous situations under the guise of filmmaking.

Additionally, she exposed the lack of safety protocols during fire scenes and weapon fights, where actors are subjected to real danger without proper precautions.

Furthermore, Nnebedum expressed concern over the exploitation of underage actresses in the industry, implicating even popular actors, producers, and directors.

The tragic death of Junior P
ope has brought renewed attention to the dangers lurking behind the scenes of Asaba films.

Pope alongside other persons died after drowning while on his way to a movie set. His death has been attributed to neglect, considering the failure to provide life jackets which would have helped in saving the lives of the victims.

Source: Cameroon News Agency