Nyoro Assures Of Prudent Use Of Housing Funds

National Assembly Budget Committee Chairman Ndindi Nyoro has challenged the youth to seek entrepreneurial skills which would enable them gain self-employment.

Nyoro said that the youth should focus on becoming job creators rather than preoccupying themselves with hunting for white collar jobs.

He said that the affordable housing projects were a boon for thousands of youth in the entire housing value chain.

The legislator assured Kenyans that their taxes for funding affordable housing project would be spent prudently.

Nyoro said that the affordable housing projects would enable Kenyans acquire and live in decent houses.

This comes after enactment into law of the Affordable Housing Bill, 2023, which paves the way for the reinstatement of housing levy deductions from this month.

The legislator made the remarks today when he delivered a public lecture at Tom Mboya University themed ‘Retracing the footsteps of Tom Mboya, the place of the in youth leadership and entrepreneurship.’

Nyoro told Kenyans to suppo
rt the housing project since it would have a multiplier effect on the economic growth of the country.

‘I thank all Kenyans who are going to fund the affordable housing project. This project is going to accord Kenyans who live in slums an opportunity to live in dignified houses,’ Nyoro said.

He said that as a member of the oversight body, he would ensure that all the funds raised through the housing levy was utilized for the intended purpose.

‘We wish to see booming businesses in the construction value chain as well as creation of job opportunities for young people,’ Nyoro said.

He urged Kenyans to fight tribalism to enable the country to achieve cohesion and economic growth.

‘A country that aims at being a developed country starts with unity of purpose through demolishing of the barriers of ethnicity,’ Nyoro said.

He said time had come for Kenyans to ensure inclusion and put the interest of the nation in their hearts.

‘For us to develop as a country, we must ensure we eliminate the barriers of exclusio
n so that every Kenyan feels free to live in any part of the country regardless of whether they were born there or not,’ he added.

The MP urged youths to venture into digital technology to enable them to become job creators.

The public lecture was also attended by Homa Bay County Commissioner Moses Lilan and Tom Mboya University Vice Chancellor Professor Charles Ochola.

Source: Kenya News Agency