Observing Sacrifices Paid by Our Patriot Forefathers, Mothers Essential on This Sacrifice Day: National Defense State Minister

Honoring and respecting our patriot forefathers and mothers for handing over to us an independent country, we need to observe the sacrifices they paid, Ethiopian Defense Force State Minister Martha Luiji said.

Speaking at the event organized by security institutions in connection with the Sacrifice Day, the state minister said that sacrifice means giving ones irreplaceable life for the dignity and safety of others.

She stressed that sacrifice also includes giving ones time, property, knowledge and life for the nation and its people.

The history of Ethiopian patriots shows that Ethiopian people do not hesitate to give their lives to protect the sovereignty of the nation, Martha noted.

According to her, security institutions of the country are manifestations of national unity and cementing Ethiopia by paying sacrifice together with the people.

National Intelligence and Security Service Director-General, Temesgen Tiruneh said that a nation cannot be sustained without sacrifice.

A generation has paid in blood to protect the sovereignty, statehood, and bring a better system, he added.

Highlighting Ethiopia’s history and how the country defended itself from foreign invasion, the director-general stated that Ethiopians from across the nation sacrificed their lives fighting against invading forces..

Temesgen further said that Ethiopians have been fighting against foreign invaders and internal traitors who prioritize their interest over national interest.

Ethiopian Patriots Association President, Lij Daniel Jote Mesfin noted that Ethiopia remained independent thanks to the priceless sacrifice our forefathers paid.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency