Parents Urged To Nurture Their Children

Pastor Dorcas Ntinyari of the Gospel Outreach Church, Mitunguu, noted that many parents have neglected their children’s education, transferring the responsibility to house help and teachers. She emphasized that children are gifts from God, hence should be properly nurtured.

The cleric warns parents to take their role seriously as children are now begging around Mitunguu market, a trend that was rare years ago. She noted that due to hard economic times contemporary parents hardly have adequate time to spend with their families, as they are busy looking for money.

Parents need to be more vigilant to prevent their children from falling into drug abuse traps due to lack of time for guidance. Hence, as schools close for Easter, parents are advised to be more vigilant to prevent drug abuse and other vices.

Ntinyari further urged parents to always monitor their children’s movements, to ensure that they keep good company and protect them from predators, this is because, Many school-going children, are falling prey
to drugs such as Bang alcohol, which have significantly impacted their dreams.

She noted that cases of child abuse, abductions and even killings have been on the rise in the recent past thus parents must be extra vigilant. ‘Let’s set extra time for our families to nurture them and show lots of love and discipline as they are key in fostering development projects in our community’ she noted.

The Church and other religious organizations play a crucial role in mentoring and guiding young people through spiritual nourishment, and lastly, Pastor Ntinyari, urged parents to ensure their children always go to church so as to receive guidance and spiritual nourishment which will help mold them into responsible adults.

Source: Kenya News Agency