PM Abiy Instructs For Swift Completion of Water, Road Projects in Gondar to Benefit People

Addis Ababa: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has directed officials to expedite the completion of ongoing water and road projects in Gondar city of Amhara Region to benefit the public residing in the areas.

Prime Minister Abiy convened with Federal leadership this morning to receive updates on project statuses in the Gondar city of the Amhara region.

The projects include the Megech Dam, Gondar Drinking Water and the Azezzo-Gondar Asphalt Road.

Irrigation and Lowland Area Minister, Aisha Mohamed, Water and Energy Minister Habtamu Itefa, and Ethiopian Roads Administration Director-General Mohamed Abdurahman, presented the projects’ implementation report today.

Irrigation and Lowland Area Minister, Aisha Mohamed on the occasion acknowledged past challenges regarding the Megech Dam project stating that the project was launched several years ago without the adequate feasibility study.

She also stated that a landslide during the construction process has been the other reason which delayed the performance.

The Minis
ter assured that corrective measures have been taken to address the problem encountered following the landslide.

Water and Energy Minister, Habtamu Itefa explained that while three deep water wells were drilled to supply the water to the residents of Gondar city until the dam project is completed, but the service was not provided due to the delays in the water transmission line design.

The minister confirmed ongoing current collaboration with the Amhara regional government to resolve the issue.

Ethiopian Roads Administration Director-General, Mohamed Abdurahman reported that the construction of the Azezzo-Gondar Asphalt Road project is at 60.8 percent.

Therefore, work is carrying out to complete the remaining work of the road project in the coming few months, he said.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed noted the economic burden this government inherited from the previous regime.

The government is repaying the debts and also carrying out several activities to mitigate the challenges of stalled projects, he pointe
d out.

The Megech Dam Project, whose was construction was commenced 15 years ago, is part of this burden.

He stressed that the management should work more diligently by bringing this into awareness.

The Prime Minister pledged government support for the project’s swift completion, including securing a competent contractor and close monitoring throughout the construction.

He also instructed the Water and Energy Ministry to collaborate with the Amhara regional government to swiftly complete the deep water well projects in Gondar and make them ready for service. .

Additionally, Abiy directed the immediate completion of the Azezo-Gondar Asphalt Road project.

The Prime Minister finally emphasized the need for enhanced supervision, involving regional government engagement, and urged community members to safeguard peace to facilitate the finalization of vital public infrastructure.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency