PM Abiy’s Bilateral Talks with S. Korean President Will Deepen Historical Ties: GCS

Addis Ababa: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s recent bilateral discussion with South Korean President, Yoon Suk Yeol will further cement the historical friendship between the two countries, Minister of Government Communication Service (GCS), Legese Tullu said.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and First Lady Zinash Tayachew accompanied by a high-level delegation are in Seoul, South Korea for an official visit where they received a warm welcome on Sunday at the office of South Korean President.

Minister of Government Communication Service told the media that Ethiopia and South Korea share a long-standing historical friendship

According to the minister, this longstanding friendship has been marked by a significant contribution from Ethiopians to the independence of the Republic of Korea during the Korean War.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed during his official working visit to Seoul, South Korea has actively engaged in various activities aimed at deepening this historical friendship.

As South Korea is one of the nations that
has achieved remarkable economic growth over the past five decades, Legese pointed out that Prime Minister Abiy expressed desire to take lessons from this country’s development model.

In this regard, ‘Premier Abiy said in his discussion with the President Yoon Suk Yeol how Ethiopia has to learn a lot from the experience of South Korea.’

Speaking on the economic aspect, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed briefed the president on Ethiopia’s enormous investment opportunities and how it is favorable for investors from South Korea to invest in various spheres, the minister explained.

The premier further urged investors from South Korea to seize the opportunities in Ethiopia by investing in agriculture, manufacturing and mining.

Republic of Korea’s President Yoon Suk Yeol said his country is determined to strengthen its cooperation with Ethiopia.

The president mentioned that the two countries have signed a financing framework agreement as part of the commitment to consolidate their economic ties.

The president also af
firmed his country’s steadfast commitment to enhancing cooperation with Ethiopia across various sectors, underscoring the dedication to bolstering bilateral ties.

The two leaders also thoroughly discussed ways on sharing South Korea’s practice in the field of agriculture, including rice development, with Ethiopia, Legese explained.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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