PP Delivering on Its Promises through Execution of Mega Projects: Vice President

Addis Ababa: Prosperity Party (PP) Vice President Adem Frah said that his ruling party has delivered on its promises through the effective execution of the national mega projects.

Addis Ababa Prosperity Party’s members forum was held at the newly built Adwa Victory Memorial under the theme: ‘Putting Words into Action for the Ethiopian Prosperity’.

In his keynote address to the forum, Vice President of PP Adem underlined that the party has carried out extensive and successful activities in a few years.

He stated that under the leadership of the Prosperity Party, Ethiopia has achieved great success in all-round development activities following the implementation of the Homegrown Economic Reform Program.

In particular, Adem mentioned the ongoing massive development activities that have been carried out to make the capital Addis Ababa modern and comfortable for living.

Therefore, these huge development projects being executed have proved that the incumbent government is successfully putting words into action
s, Adem elaborated.

He further mentioned that efforts are being made to make Addis Ababa a showcase of the national success story narrative, he said, adding that the ruling party will work diligently to respond to the questions raised by the public in various forums.

The vice president also stressed the need for strengthening internal party discipline, unity, solidarity and brotherhood among the party members.

On her part, Mayor of Addis Ababa City Administration Adanech Abiebie said He stated that the multifaceted development and modernization activities being carried out in Addis Ababa are even receiving appreciation internationally.

Given the massive infrastructure development in Addis, the mayor also underscored that there is sufficient evidence that these projects have been changing the face of the city and increased its economic and social activities.

Adanech who is also the executive committee member of Prosperity Party elaborated that the ruling Prosperity Party passed through difficulties over t
he last years. She revealed that the party has overcome challenges due to the persistence of its political goals and principles.

She added that the multifaceted successes that PP has recorded will provide inspiration and motivation to realize the party’s future ambition

Source: Ethiopian News Agency