PP Executive Committee Puts Forth Directions to Reinforce Policy Measures

Addis Ababa: Members of Prosperity Party Executive Committee said directive has been put forward to all institutions and leadership to exert maximum efforts for the execution of policies to achieve Ethiopia’s prosperity through increasing investment, productivity, and the nation’s ability to generate revenue.

Prosperity Party Executive Committee evaluated its nine month performance on development, national reform and political activities in the presence of PP president Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in Gorgora, Amhara Region.

The premier said in his briefings on the occasion that Ethiopia is registering remarkable achievements over the past reform years by overcoming man-made and natural challenges citing the consecutive economic growth recorded which received world acclamation.

The appropriate development policies designed by the government of Ethiopia under the leadership of Prosperity Party, the execution capacity of institutions and public participations have contributed a lot for the path to national prosp
erity, Prime Minister Abiy indicated.

He further stressed the need to intensify efforts to effectively implement the goals put in place by the party to build a country that is free from debt and conducive for all of its citizens through bolstering productivity and swiftly accomplishing development projects with quality.

Member of Prosperity Party Executive Committee and Finance Minister, Ahmed Shide said the meeting has evaluated the overall economic growth of the country over the past reform years and particularly over the past nine months of this fiscal year.

During performance evaluation, the committee has witnessed economic growth that would help the nation uplift to a better level in agriculture, industry, tourism and digital sectors, the minister indicated.

According to Ahmed, the country has registered encouraging growth by implementing the Homegrown Economic Reform Agenda in addition to the macroeconomic stability being registered by overcoming the various pressures.

The Executive Committee has a
lso evaluated other economic related issues that have not been tackled properly due to several pressures, stressing the need to take further measures in a bid to ease the challenges of inflation, enhance foreign currency and domestic revenues as well as debt reduction.

Member of Prosperity Party Executive Committee and Minister of Planning and Development, Fisum Assefa said for her part that outstanding growth has been registered in all economic sectors due to the various measures carried out by PP- led government over the past reform years with commitment.

The meeting has discussed about the efforts being taken to cover financial need of the country by local resources and make the economic growth more inclusive and participatory, she added

Source: Ethiopian News Agency