Promotional sales beef up in Yaounde amid price increaseSouth Korean Investors Keen to Invest in Industrial Parks, Dire Dawa Free Trade Zone

By Eratus Ndueh

The Minister of Commerce, Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana, has called on the general public to take full advantage of the promotional sales operations that his ministry will organize throughout the national territory to encourage mass consumption and reduce the burden of continuous inflation in the coming days.

According to a release made public by the Ministry on March 18, the Minister said the promotional sales operations for essential products would be held on three sites in Yaoundé, namely 20 May Boulevard, Carrefour Meec, and the Esplanade of the former Divisional Officer of Kondengui.

‘During the Ramadan and Easter holidays, until April 16, 2024, beef will be sold on these sites at exceptional promotional prices of 2,500 francs/kg for boneless meat, and 2,000 francs/kg for beef with bone,’ indicated Minister Mbarga.

He emphasized that these sales follow a similar trend with previous editions, where consumers could purchase goods directly from producers, importers, or manufacturers at re
duced prices while undermining intermediaries.

Also, these fairs initiated during the Ramadan and Easter holiday periods are part of the government’s measure to ensure that its citizens buy foodstuffs at cheaper prices during crucial moments like this, as the Minister says ‘It is on High Instructions of the hierarchy, in a context of continuous increase in the prices of food products at internationally and the persistence of inflationary tensions.’

The initiative comes as prices of foodstuffs keep rising in the country amid general inflation.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

Addis Ababa: More South Korean investors have expressed interest in investing in industrial parks and Dire Dawa Free Trade Zone, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to South Korea Dessie Dalke said.

Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC) CEO, Aklilu Tadesse, and the ambassador held investment-oriented online discussion today.

According to IPDC, CEO Aklilu briefed the ambassador about the investment flow to the parks and the reform works as well as the activities of South Korean investors in industrial parks.

On his part, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to South Korea, Dessie Dalke, pointed out that the reform activities carried out by the IPDC have created a favorable environment for South Korean businesspersons.

As a result, South Korean investors have been expressing their desire to invest in Ethiopia.

During the discussion, the officials have reached agreement to work together to attract more South Korean investors and to do other investment-related tasks together.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency