PS Kisiang’ani Advocates for Streamlined Government Communication in Kenya

Nairobi - Broadcasting and Telecommunications Permanent Secretary (PS) Prof. Edward Kisiang'ani has emphasized the importance of streamlining government communication to accurately represent Kenya's image.

According to Kenya News Agency, disjointed and uncoordinated official communication undermines both the government and its citizens. He stressed the need for harmonization across different sectors responsible for communication. "There is a need for people to work in harmony and as a team to ensure consistency in communication," he stated.

During the closing of a five-day retreat for the Technical Committee drafting the National Communication Strategy in Machakos, the PS highlighted the necessity of establishing a framework for writing and releasing government statements. He insisted that statements must undergo thorough processing to avoid contradictory or premature communication.

Prof. Kisiang'ani also pointed out that the conduct of public officers significantly impacts the government's image, both locally and internationally. "The first aspect of communication is the image that government officers portray, including their attire and interpersonal relations," he said.

He further underscored the role of technology in enhancing government communication and national security, noting the security implications of messaging. Prof. Kisiang'ani remarked that recent cyber security attacks in Kenya signify that the country's major security threats are cyberattacks. "The main threats are not physical but lie in cybersecurity; the battle is in technology," he affirmed.

Echoing these views, Director of Public Communications Mulei Muia emphasized that unified communication would foster trust in the national government. Mulei stressed the importance of providing factual and verified information to the public to bridge any disconnect between the government and citizens. "Public communication needs to be well-coordinated and organized," he remarked.

The government has established communication structures and skilled personnel that can be utilized to achieve effective communication, noted Mulei.

Also in attendance at the event was Joseph Kipkoech, Director of Information.