PS Kisiang’ani Reaffirms Govt’s Support, Calls For Cooperation, Unity

The Principal Secretary for Broadcasting and Telecommunications, Prof. Edward Kisiang’ani, has assured the residents of Kisii that the national government fully supports the leadership of the county government.

In an event held at Nsaria in Kisii County aimed at promoting a nationwide tree planting initiative to enhance the climate and secure the future livelihoods of the local population, the PS called upon all residents and national government employees to work hand in hand with the county government, emphasising the importance of unity for the benefit of the locals.

He highlighted that supporting any political party, regardless of its current position in power, is a constitutional right in Kenya, and citizens should not feel coerced into aligning with a particular political ideology.

‘Democracy allows anyone to support any political side without being coerced into otherwise. That’s what democracy aims for,’ said Prof. Kisiang’ani.

He urged leaders to prioritise development over political affiliations,
emphasising that once elected, leaders belong to everyone, irrespective of their political leanings. PS Kisiang’ani stressed that by putting political differences aside and working together, leaders can more effectively advance the development agenda of the government, ultimately improving the living standards of the people in the region.

‘To elevate the living standards of the people in this region, leaders must unite based on development,’ he insisted.

Addressing concerns raised by County Governor Simba Arati, regarding rising insecurity in the region based on political affiliations, Prof. Kisiang’ani condemned any form of insecurity and reassured the residents that the government takes the matter seriously. He stated that individuals responsible for causing insecurity, including the killing of innocent and peace-loving residents on political grounds, will be held accountable.

‘Insecurity is not condoned by the government. Anyone held guilty of causing insecurity, irrespective of their political affiliat
ion, will be held responsible,’ PS Kisiang’ani affirmed.

In response to the grievances expressed by Governor Simba Arati, Prof. Kisiang’ani directed his attention to the county commissioner, Thomas Anjere, urging him to address the insecurity issues promptly. He assured Commissioner Anjere of full support from the national government in tackling the security challenges in the county.

The event at Nsaria served as a platform for the Principal Secretary to reiterate the government’s commitment to promoting a nationwide tree-planting initiative to enhance the climate, emphasising the shared goal of fostering development and improving the overall well-being of Kisii residents.

Source: Kenya News Agency